Invest with us for growth

Kubu Group is undergoing a significant, exciting expansion of its Gold Standard macadamia orchards on a newly-acquired 343ha property. The company is currently raising a Series C private placement to fund this expansion. Our dedicated corporate advisors, Appanagium Capital, can be contacted for more information on the considerable growth opportunities that Kubu Group and the global macadamia nut industry represent.

Our opportunity

A glowing future for the macadamia industry

Demand for macadamia nuts continues to grow and to outstrip supply. Demand drivers include:

Consideration of the macadamia nut as a Global Superfood, acting as a key driver in first world demand.

New buyer countries entering the market each year.

Considerable untapped opportunities in the ingredients market.

Ongoing growth in Asian market due to the nut-in-shell being considered as a key aspect of tradition and local culture.

Whilst a number of macadamia producers are proactively planting new orchards, demand is expected to exceed supply for the foreseeable future.
The macadamia nut is traded as a global commodity in the US Dollar and as such reduces currency risk with the South African Rand as most of the macadamia production cost base is either directly or indirectly linked to the US Dollar.

Our future

When everything lines up

Kubu Group is perfectly positioned to take maximum advantage of this opportunity. We have used our signature approach to:

Learn how to establish and manage macadamia orchards at scale, with tried and tested suppliers, consistently delivering Gold Standard crop yields of the highest quality and at more than 2.5x the industry average, placing us in the top 5% of macadamia producers;

Provide for a more sustainable business model, e.g. generating such crop yields using 75% less water than the average macadamia producer;

Keep market developments in crop production and orchard management under ongoing review and consideration;

Establish a tree nursery which produces macadamia trees of the highest quality and on a commercial scale; and

Take direct ownership in the final processing of our crop, its global marketing, sales and distribution via our equity stake in Golden Macadamias, which manages 8% of global supply and is itself fully prepared for the expansion of its shareholder growers.

“Looking back at our last decade of performance at Kubu Group, we are incredibly chuffed with what we have achieved. But now we want to take this to the next level.

Looking forwards, we are excited by the significant growth potential for Kubu Group and the opportunity to get moving with our fully budgeted plans, and with our trusted suppliers, to establish our Gold Standard macadamia orchards on the new land, and beyond.

Our ambition for Kubu Group remains the same as it was on the day that we cleared land for planting our first macadamia trees, to be recognised as the largest producer of Gold Standard quality in the macadamia industry.”